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Meet Alaska Adventure Expert Becca

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Becca MICA Guide at Alaska Waterfall

From ice climbing to sea kayaking to backpacking, Becca can guide anything – and cook you the best meal you might have ever eaten afterwards. Becca comes to us from the state of New York. She has since turned her east coast climbing and outdoorsy expertise to Alaska where she joins us for her fourth season at MICA. As our lead Exposure Guide – she’s got a lot on her plate but is always quick with a smile and a punny joke.

Becca is an all around outdoorswoman. Some of her favorite moments outside include her first time trying new sports. She enjoys white water kayaking, ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing, solo backpacking, and anything new that will open her eyes in a new way. She also loves providing these moments for her guests. Her favorite part about working at MICA is giving guests opportunities to get out of their comfort zone while trying something new and getting excited about it.

Becca Sea Kayaking

MICA Guide Becca

In University Becca studied Physics and Geology with specialization in geophysics and glaciology – she knows what she is talking about whether it’s in the Prince William Sound or the Matanuska Glacier. In the off season, you can find her walking dogs, skiing powder, dabbling in park skiing, and traveling to the last 5 states she hasn’t seen yet. Her big dreams include climbing mountains in Siberia/Eastern Russia and owning an adorable dog.