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Meet MICA Guides Photographer David

Alaska Photographer Profile Matanuska Glacier Guide

MICA Guide David

Hailing from Salt Lake City with the Wasatch in his backyard, it’s no surprise that David fell in love with mountains and all the wild places Utah has to offer. After picking up a camera for a photography class, his path in life was changed and he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in photography. After a while living the seasonal lifestyle, he ventured up to Alaska to visit some friends. That was in 2015…and he has been with MICA ever since as our personal photographer! He loves capturing that perfect moment on an ice climb to help people remember a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


MICA Guides Skiing

David MICA Guides Photographer

Other than taking stunning photographs, David’s passion is skiing. He is working on advancing his technical skills for big mountains and ski mountaineering. Having recently skied Mt. Whitney and Mt. Shasta, he is looking forward to planning missions for this upcoming winter. His dream trip would be skiing in the Swiss Alps, Greenland, and throughout Europe. When he’s not dreaming of powder, you might catch him rock climbing or adventuring through the desert. To check out some of David’s work, click here.