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Ice Cave Adventures

Matanuska Glacier Ice Cave Adventures

Have you always wanted to see an Ice Cave?

Ice caves on the Matanuska Glacier are often elusive, but our guides are out there every day and if there’s one that we can get you to we’ll know about it!  The glacier is constantly changing, so we cannot guarantee any specific features more than a week in advance.  

The tours listed below will provide you with your best chance to see an ice cave on the beautiful Matanuska Glacier. As the summer season goes on, we may be able to offer other tours that include an ice cave.  Should you want to change to a different tour, we’ll always do our best to change your reservation within the guidelines of our cancellation/change policies.  

Priority is given to booked guests, so if you go ahead and make a reservation then check back with us a week before your trip we’ll be able to more accurately discuss ice cave options. 

Check out the options below for your Matanuska Glacier Ice Cave experience. 

These tours provide your best chance to visit an ice cave

Due to the changing nature of the Matanuska Glacier, we cannot guarantee any specific glacier features.  

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