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Updates on our COVID19 response

Nothing is more important to me than the health and well being of our Crew.  This includes taking steps to mitigate the risks of infection from the Corona virus, and doing what we can so that they can be employed and make some money.  This is a difficult balancing act but our priorities will always be protecting the health of our staff and our guests, and being good community members by helping slow the possible spread of infection.

— Don Wray, Owner

MICA Guides is once again planning to be open for the summer of ’21.  As long as we are allowed to be open, and can manage the health risks appropriately, you will be able to enjoy your glacier adventure, luxury camping, or zipline.

Our online availability is kept up to date.  So if you see a trip you would like to book, we are planning to run it.  

If conditions change and we cannot operate that trip, we will give you as much notice as possible and offer a full refund or gift card for a future trip with us.

This web page will be kept up to date with our current procedures so please check here to get the most accurate information about your trip.  We’ll send you a reminder just before your reservation.

Step 1:  Understand the risk.  

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. 

By visiting us or participating in any of our activities, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. 


It is physically impossible to maintain the recommended 6′ Social Distancing in the vans that we use for transporting guests to and from the glacier and at the zipline.  Guests and employees wear masks and windows are kept open during these short trips (approximately 15 minutes).

It is likely that you will join other “households” for your tour and for the van ride.  We simply cannot be open and provide private tours or transportation for each household.  You can accept this risk, book a private trip, or choose not to join us. 


Our cancellation policy remains the same offering a full refund with at least 48 hours notice or 7-days notice for Luxury Camping & Private Trips.  These are uncertain times but we need you, as a visitor, to help share the risk of that uncertainty on your vacation.

Our cancellation policy will apply if you cancel for any reason including:

Cancellation or delay of your flight to Alaska

Developing illness

Denial of entry into Alaska due to a positive test or non-compliance with entry protocols (See for current requirements)

If you feel that you need more flexibility in your planning or protection should you need to cancel inside of our very generous cancellation window then we highly suggest that you get trip insurance.  More details on our policies

Guided Trips

What we’re doing to manage the health risks:

  • Requiring masks for check in (indoors), van transport and other close contact times.  Masks are not required when we’re out in the open air and can maintain distance.
  • Extra diligence in sanitizing of public “touch” areas such as bathrooms.
  • Limit of one household at a time in our check in office.
  • Cycling and sanitizing of items such as pens and clipboards for waiver signing.
  • Sanitizing and cycling of gear such as helmets.  Most equipment will only be used once per day.

What you should do:

  • Respect others.  There is currently a requirement for all incoming travelers to provide proof of a COVID-19 test taken up to 72 hours before travel.  This applies to residents, visitors, and you.  Respect our employees and other guests by adhering to this state-ordered mandate.  See for details.
  • Make a reservation.  We have very limited availability for walk-in visitors.
  • Bring a mask.  Masks will be required for all guests at certain times during our check in process and transportation.  Masks may also be required if close contact is needed during the activity.  You must supply your own masks.  If you do not have one you may be able to purchase from us but our supply is very difficult to maintain and should not be relied on.  Bring a mask.  No mask = No tour.  
  • Complete your waivers in advance.  For glacier tours, we need two waivers from each participant.  One is for MICA Guides, and one is for the company providing access to the glacier.  The MICA waiver may be completed online.  The other waiver is only available on paper.  It would help if you print and sign this in advance.

About Photos

As always, you are welcome to take your own photos on the glacier.  Please understand that our guides encounter hundreds of guests from all over the world.  To protect their health they will not be able to take photos for you with your phone or camera.  When you stop and think about it, a phone is a rather germ-covered object and we just need to manage the risks wherever we can.

For many tours, your guides will do their best to take photos with their own phone for you, then share afterwards.  This is not a money-making venture but there may be a nominal charge depending on what system we use to efficiently distribute the photos.

Luxury Camping

“I am here to make sure guests are having the best Alaska Glamping experince possible. In doing so, this year I will be working hard to keep facilities up to CDC standards for Covid-19 protocols. I want each guest to feel at ease at my property, and to relax and know I am doing my best for them and their families during these unusual times.” – Mandy Vestal, Owner

What We Are Doing

  • Sanitizing high touch areas frequently
  • Keeping dining seating separate and 6ft away from other guests not in the same household.
  • Table service for breakfast, but with the same delicious breakfast options
  • Cleaning linens under CDC guidelines
  • Hot Tub- the tub is currently OPEN. We will have time slots to sign up to use the showers and tub in the evening. This allows social distancing in and around the hot tub area and sanitization of showers before each use.
  • Kitchen is closed to guests to keep food prep areas clean.

What You Should Do

  • Social distance 6ft apart in common areas.
  • Wash hands or sanitize frequently at our hand washing stations.
  • Bring a cooler for personal food for lunches. Guests are still NOT permitted to cook food over the fire pit, or in the kitchen.
  • Be prepared to wait a little longer for seating at local restaurants. So time out your drive to give plenty of time to relax at Alpenglow and go out for dinner.
  • Do not stay if you are sick or have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days.