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Glacier Overnight Adventure

Glacier Camping

Quick Details

Take a helicopter to our remote glacier camp for the ultimate Alaska experience. Explore our secret stash of glacier awesomeness that’s unreachable by the day-trippers.

Luxury Glacier Tent Price for 2 people
Luxury Glacier Tent Price for 3 people

Luxury Camping on a glacier in Alaska

Learn to ice climb, explore the best Alaska glacier features, get some amazing photos or just enjoy our comfortable camp where you’ll have a delicious hot dinner and relax around the campfire, on ice!

The next morning enjoy fresh brewed coffee with the serenity of the remote Matanuska Glacier. After a hearty breakfast you’ll fly back to complete your experience.

The Camp

Glacier Camp on the Matanuska Glacier

Our Alaska Glacier Camp is situated to access some of the coolest features of the glacier and provide solitude. Too far for all but the most hard-core hikers, you’ll enjoy a small group of new friends sharing this unique experience. The Glacier Overnight Adventure is a joint effort of MICA Guides and Alpenglow Luxury Camping; combining the expertise to bring you the ultimate in adventure and comfort.

And did we mention the helicopter?

The Flight

a plane sitting on top of a mountain

You’ll board an R44 H

elicopter for your flight to camp. This little flying hot-rod has 4 seats and everyone has a view. We can take up to three guests on each flight. It takes about 10 minutes to fly to our camp or climbing drop-off point. Space is limited so what you bring to camp will need to be very minimal. Maximum passenger weight of 245 Pounds or an additional charge of $100 will apply.

The Tents

Enjoy a Deluxe Tent with room to walk around, chairs to relax, a queen size bed and a twin-size bed, luxurious sheets and a down comforter for a cozy night. All tents have a maximum of three-person occupancy, no exceptions.

The Guides

If you add one of our glacier climbing or exploring trips you’ll experience the glacier with one of our professional MICA Guides; the leaders on the Matanuska Glacier since 1999. Your guide will get you to the coolest features, teach you to climb ice, drop you into a bottomless crevasse (and get you out!) or just help you get that perfect photo.

Glacier Camping Fun

The Fun

Glacier Camping on a glacier is an extraordinary experience but since you’re out there you might as well make the most of it. Book one of the Adventure Add-Ons to make your glacier experience unforgettable.

Note that the glacier is a hazardous environment and your safety is our top priority. While you’re our guest, your travel and activities will be restricted to the “safe zone” of our camp which will be clearly marked. Travel beyond this boundary without a Guide is strictly prohibited.

Alaska Glacier Camp Relaxation

Rates and Adventure Add-Ons

The base price includes:

  • Direct helicopter flights to and from camp
  • Complimentary Glacier Hike on arrival (approximately 1 hour guided hike)
  • One of our Deluxe Tents
  • Dinner and breakfast

Base Price:

  • $999/tent (up to two people). You may add a third person to your tent for an additional $400.
  • Minimum age 12 years.

About the Complimentary Glacier Hike

This guided hike will allow you to visit some of the glacier features near our camp. Learn about the glacier and get some cool photos (Approximately 1 hour hike.)

Want more Adventure? Instead of the Complimentary Glacier Hike, you may add one of the options below:

Heli Explorer

The Heli Explorer allows you to experience our Advanced Trek without having to hike 2 miles on the moraine. Guests can expect to spend up to 3 hours on the white ice, utilizing ropes to scramble up walls, hike beside crevasses, and enjoy the beauty of moulins and blue pools. One of our highly trained guides will help you experience the most the glacier has to offer!

Check-in at the MICA Guides Base at 12:00 PM on the first day of your overnight adventure for this add on. On Day 2, the helicopter will pick you up from camp at approximately 10:30 AM to return to our Base. Plus $199/person for this Add On Adventure

The Ultimate Heli

Take your glacier experience to the next level with the Ultimate option which includes:

  • Personal adventure concierge to plan all the details of your experience.
  • VIP Check in at our MICA Guides Base
  • Priority helicopter loading
  • Extra 20 minutes scenic flight time
  • Private guided experience on Day 1
  • This experience is like the Ultimate Heli Adventure, with Day 1 Glacier Exploring private just for your group. One of our top Guides will tailor your experience to your ability, pace and interests.

This day could be our signature Ice Climbing day. Our professional guides will teach you the basic skills needed to climb on moderate ice slopes, and then help you refine your climbing techniques to move towards more challenging and spectacular terrain throughout the day.

Or plan your day to be more exploring and photography. Or any combination. It’s your day and you’ve got 5-6 hours with a professional guide!

Check-in at the MICA Guides Base at 9:15 AM on the first day of your overnight adventure for this add on. On Day 2, the helicopter will pick you up from camp at approximately 10:30 AM to return to our Base.

Additional cost for this Adventure Add On depends on the number of people in your group:

  • 2 guests: Plus $998
  • 3 or 4 guests: Plus $1745
  • 5 or 6 guests: Plus $2250

Enjoy Breakfast on a Glacier

The Food

Of course no camping adventure is complete without some delicious food.

Dinner and Breakfast is included with your stay and we pride ourselves on tasty fuel for your adventure. From homemade granola to reindeer sausage our menu has something for almost everyone.

Please note that our remote camp is supplied only by helicopter. While we strive to provide delicious and healthy food for our guests, options are by necessity limited.

Cross contamination of foods may be impossible to avoid and those with serious anaphylactic allergies should consider the risks. Emergency evacuation may be delayed or impossible.

The Experience

Check In/Check Out Times

All hiking, climbing and exploring is on the first day of your Overnight Adventure.

  • Glacier Overnight with included short hike: Check in at MICA Base at 3:00 PM. Return to Base at approximately 10:30 AM on the next day.
  • Glacier Overnight with Explorer Add-On: Check in at MICA Base at 12:00 PM. Return to Base at approximately 10:30 AM on the next day.
  • Glacier Overnight with Ultimate Add-On: Check in at MICA Base at 9:15 AM. Return to Base at approximately 10:30 AM on the next day.

Payment and Cancellation Policies

When you book online, you’ll be prompted to pay a $200 deposit to secure your reservation.

This deposit is not refundable but is transferable to another MICA activity within the same operating season.

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll be invoiced for the full payment due. This payment is due 30 days prior to your trip with us. Non-payment within this time frame will result in your reservation being cancelled.

Cancellation with at least 7 days notice will entitle you to a full refund less the $200 deposit.

What you need

For the overnight adventure you’ll need:

  • Long pants. Ideally quick dry clothing (not cotton). Usually a good pair of hiking pants works great. Ski pants and jackets are not necessary
  • Rain gear, even if it isn’t raining
  • Liner gloves
  • Extra warm layers, “puffy coat” and long underwear
  • Extra socks (wool)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • A sense of adventure! Although our glacier camp is comfortable, it’s not for everyone. The tent is very cozy and you’ll sleep warm and comfortable even though there is not a heater. The “bathroom” is in another small tent with a little portable toilet. The “dining room” is outside on a glacier though we do have a campfire.

For the Ultimate or Explorer option you’ll also need:

  • Long synthetic or wool socks
  • A change of base layer clothing to put on at night. This must be wool or synthetic, top and bottom. No cotton.
  • Hiking boots that cover your ankles if you have them, as they are needed for the approach to the climbing area or for the explorer (we have some available for loan).
  • Lunch, snacks, and water bottle or a packed lunch

What NOT to bring:

  • More toiletries than a toothbrush.. it’s just one night!
  • Bear Spray
  • Fire Arms

You’re welcome to bring a small amount of alcohol for camp.

Solo Travelers

Solo travelers may be accommodated at our camp and may book a tent just for themselves. The Heli Explorer Add On is possible if other guests are already booked.