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Which Trip is Right for You?

Should You Trek or Climb?

Ice Trekking and Ice Climbing happen on the same glacier, but follow different routes. Ice Fall Treks stay closer to the start of the glacier, exploring the features closer to the parking lot. Ice Climbers travel further distances and spend a longer time on the ice. Our Ice Climbing trips require over an hour of hiking on difficult terrain. The focus of the trip is on climbing and not on exploration like our Treks.

All trekking and climbing trips travel on uneven ice and rock terrain with moderate ups and downs. We take plenty of breaks for photos and learning about the glacier.

Ice Fall Trek:

Our most popular and best value for trekking. If you are able to walk at a very moderate pace for 3 hours or so, this is the trip for you.

Advanced Trek:

This is your opportunity to go further and faster in a smaller group. You will encounter more obstacles on this trip, so a moderate level of fitness is required. Your Guide will “tie you in” using a harness and rope system to allow you to get a closer look at crevasses, moulins and other exciting features. This trip involves scrambling over steep terrain.

Ice Climbing:

An excellent trip for the adventurous! While a decent level of fitness and agility is needed, no experience is necessary; this sport relies as much on technique as it does on strength. Our climbing trips are rigged as “top rope,” which means that if you can’t complete a climb, you will not fall behind the rest of the group. To reach some of the best climbing on the Matanuska expect to hike about an hour over uneven terrain to reach the climbing site. Climbing is an adrenaline sport, expect to be exposed to heights. You will always be roped in with a professional guide, but if you are not a fan of heights, this may not be the trip for you. This is the most difficult of our trips.


Our two ziplines (the Nitro and the G2) are a thrill you won’t forget! Just about anyone who can take a quick nature hike and climb the stairs to the top of the tower can ride the zipline down. Age and weight restrictions apply.

Your Responsibilities:

All participants on our trips must follow our procedures and sign a waiver. Only parents or legal guardians may sign for minors.

We do not take infants on any of our trips under any conditions (backpacks, strollers, or carried in arms).

Please call us in advance if pregnant.