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Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing

Alaska Ice Climbing Tours

We’ve been helping people learn to ice climb on the Matanuska Glacier since 1999. Our step-by-step training will have you scaling vertical walls of ice and getting some incredible photos in this unforgettable day on the glacier.

Hike or Fly

To access the best features of the glacier for ice climbing you have to get to what we call “the backcountry”. This area is several miles beyond the toe of the glacier and features huge walls, deep crevasses and beautiful blue pools. Access to the backcountry requires a demanding 2 mile hike over uneven glacial moraine. Depending on your group’s ability and pace, this hike takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half and involves walking over loose rocks, muddy ice, and steep slopes.

While strenuous, this hike allows our groups to escape the larger crowds on the lower glacier and access some of the most dramatic terrain the Matanuska has to offer.

Or you can skip the hike and take a helicopter! MICA Guides is the only company offering helicopter access to the glacier. Flying conserves your energy for the climbing and gets you to the coolest features we can find.  And you fly in a helicopter!

Ice Climbing

Learn to climb vertical walls of ice

You can do it.

We’ve been teaching beginners to ice climb since 1999.  Our step by step instruction will get you climbing.. and get some awesome photos.

  • Hiking Access to Glacier
  • 8 Hours
  • Minimum Age 12 years
  • $249+ Glacier Access Fee = $294/person

Ultimate Helicopter Adventure

Exclusive Glacier Experience

The best of the Matanuska Glacier.

This private experience flys you to the most spectacular features of the glacier with one of our top Guides.  Climb and explore, the day is yours.

  • Helicopter Access to Glacier
  • 6-7 Hours
  • Minimum Age 8 years
  • $650/person*
  • *Based on a group size of 4

Helicopter Ice Climbing

Fly out to prime Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing

Fly over the Glacier to Ice Climbing

Take a helicopter through the mountains and over the river to arrive on a prime Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing location.

  • Helicopter Access (Direct flight)
  • 6 Hours
  • Minimum Age 12 years
  • $499/person

Join an Ice Climbing group or go Private

Our small groups are a great way to make some new friends on the hike out to the backcountry. Sign up for our Ice Climbing trip and get ready for the hike. Or save your energy for climbing vertical walls of ice on the Heli Ice Climb.

For the Ultimate Matanuska Glacier experience book the Ultimate Heli. This private trip gets you to the best features we can find for your personal glacier adventure by helicopter. Combine that with Luxury Camping on a glacier for an unforgettable Alaskan experience.

Private Ice Climbing

A full day on the glacier just for your group

Climbing, exploring, photography.

This private trip is your day on the glacier with one of our top Guides.  Focus on advanced climbing skills or just explore.

  • Hiking Access to Glacier
  • 6-8 Hours
  • Minimum Age 12 years
  • $1125 + Glacier Access Fee = $326/person*
  • *Based on a group size of 4

Matanuska Glacier Glamping Adventure

Glacier Glamping

Experience luxury camping on a glacier.

Fly to our remote glacier camp for this unforgettable experience. Cozy tents, great meals and exploring or climbing adventures.

  • Helicopter Access to Glacier
  • Overnight
  • Minimum Age 14 years (10 for private bookings)
  • $500/person*
  • *Based on two person occupancy