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Alaska Adventure Tour Packages

Planning your Alaska vacation can be challenging.

Save your challenge for the fun stuff in Alaska and let us worry about the details.  Our multi-sport packages include the best adventure activities, camping in the great outdoors, all the meals and driving and a little luxury camping!

Perfect for active and adventurous couples and families but solo travelers are also welcome on our trips.

Our multi-day trips are part of our Exposure Alaska brand but feature the same great service and great MICA Guides.

Exposure Alaska Adventure Tours

A few of our Alaska Adventures:

Ice Climbing on Glacier

Matanuska Getaway

This 3 day Alaska adventure will have you hiking, ice climbing, rafting, zip lining and riding an ATV through the Alaska backcountry plus the comforts of staying at Alpenglow Luxury Camping.

  • 3 Days
  • 2 Nights “Glamping”
  • Challenge Level 2
Guy ice climbing

Double Exposure

A great sample of Alaskan adventure with many of our favorite activities.  It’s the Matanuska Getaway with a 3-day sea kayak trip.

  • 6 Days
  • 3 Nights “Glamping”
  • 2 Nights remote camping
  • Challenge Level 3

Maximum Exposure

The ultimate Alaska helicopter experience with a good balance of challenge and luxury.  Skip the masses and get to the best of the Matanuska Glacier and the Alaska backcountry on this exclusive private tour.

  • 3 Days
  • 1 Night “Glamping”
  • 1 Night remote camping
  • Challenge Level 3