On The Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier Over Time

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Natural History of the Matanuska Glacier During the last glacial maximum, about 22,000 years ago, the Matanuska Glacier reached its peak in size. The terminus once reached the north end of Anchorage. The Knik Glacier met with the Matanuska and formed a lobed shape during this time period. Geological evidence points to these two glaciers…

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Why is Glacier Ice Blue

Glacier Education

The Matanuska Glacier is an incredible feature of our natural environment located in central southern Alaska. The terminus is located in Glacier View, Alaska, right where the MICA Guides Base is located. On the MICA base, we have an incredible view of the white and blue ice that extends for 27 miles back into the…

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Meet MICA Guides Photographer David

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Hailing from Salt Lake City with the Wasatch in his backyard, it’s no surprise that David fell in love with mountains and all the wild places Utah has to offer. After picking up a camera for a photography class, his path in life was changed and he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in photography. After…

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