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On The Matanuska Glacier

Glacial Moraine

Glacier Education Glacier Information Matanuska Glacier Features

The Matanuska Moraine Features of a Glacier Looking out on the Matanuska Glacier, you’ll see flowing fields of white ice, surrounded by what looks like mud and rock on both sides of that ice. In fact, those sections of rock are actually a part of the glacier as well, called the moraine. Underneath the rocks…

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Base Camp: The Matanuska Glacier

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Camping on A Glacier Each day exploring the Matanuska Glacier feels like stepping into a whole new world. With each new sunrise the glacial universe shifts; meltwater carves new canyons, crevasses fill and empty, and blue ice caves appear in days. Every time the crampons go on and the ropes go up, it seems as…

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Sheep Mountain Trail Project

Alaska Volunteer Projects Glacier View Activities Sheep Mountain Trail

Sheep Mountain Trail Project This season, the town of Glacier View allocated some funds for trail development at Sheep Mountain Lodge.  Specifically this was to create a new route up Gunsight mountain, a peak on the Sheep mountain massif. This path connects to their cross country ski trails. Sheep Mountain Lodge At mile 113 on…

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