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On The Matanuska Glacier

The Helicopter Commute

Alaska Helicopter Experiences Experiences on the Matanuska Glacier Glacier View Activities Matanuska Glacier Guide

When you think of commuting to work, thoughts of saddle bags on bikes and honking horns might come to mind. In Alaska though, the trip from home to work can be, well, a bit different. Especially for second year guide at MICA, Nell. Glacier Camp Nell’s day starts with rolling out of a tent, getting…

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A MICA Guides Intern’s Experience

Alaska Backpacking Alaska Camping Glacier Education Matanuska Glacier Guide MICA Guides Internship

A MICA Guides Intern’s Experience On June 7, we approached the end of our orientation week as MICA Guides interns. Simultaneously, we were informed that the next three days would be spent backpacking in the Alaskan backcountry. I had been on a few backpacking trips with my family previously. Also, I have spent my whole…

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An Off-Day Matanuska Glacier Adventure

Ice Climbing Information Matanuska Glacier Activities Matanuska Glacier Features Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing

Descending into a Matanuska Glacier Adventure There was one day this summer, on a Matanuska Glacier adventure, where I was more scared than I think I’ve ever been outdoors. Additionally, that day showed me what incredible things you can do with the right training and equipment. Quinn, a fellow intern, Adam, a second year ice…

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Glacial Moraine

Glacier Education Glacier Information Matanuska Glacier Features

The Matanuska Moraine Features of a Glacier Looking out on the Matanuska Glacier, you’ll see flowing fields of white ice, surrounded by what looks like mud and rock on both sides of that ice. In fact, those sections of rock are actually a part of the glacier as well, called the moraine. Underneath the rocks…

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Base Camp: The Matanuska Glacier

Alaska Helicopter Experiences Matanuska Glacier Activities Matanuska Glacier Camping Matanuska Glacier Hike and Trek Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing

Camping on A Glacier Each day exploring the Matanuska Glacier feels like stepping into a whole new world. With each new sunrise the glacial universe shifts; meltwater carves new canyons, crevasses fill and empty, and blue ice caves appear in days. Every time the crampons go on and the ropes go up, it seems as…

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Sheep Mountain Trail Project

Alaska Volunteer Projects Glacier View Activities Sheep Mountain Trail

Sheep Mountain Trail Project This season, the town of Glacier View allocated some funds for trail development at Sheep Mountain Lodge. Specifically, this was to create a new route up Gunsight mountain, a peak on the Sheep mountain massif. This path connects to their cross country ski trails. Sheep Mountain Lodge At mile 113 on…

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Meet Glacier Content Manager Ali

Glacier Content Team

Ali Ali started as an Assistant Exposure Guide with MICA Guides in 2019. As the world has changed so has her focus to writing and sharing experiences through web based platforms. She is currently based out of Durango, Colorado enjoying and exploring the intersectional expanse of mountains and desert. When she is not writing or…

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The Science Behind Ziplines

Matanuska Glacier Activities Matanuska Glacier Ziplining

The Science Behind Ziplines Ziplines are an exciting experience for thrill-seeking adventures, and are also a speedy, efficient means of travel between two points on a downward slope. But how exactly do ziplines do their job? Let’s take a look at the science behind ziplines.   Gravity Gravity is the essential force in bringing you…

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Glacier Moulins

Glacier Education Glacier Information Matanuska Glacier Features Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing

Moulins French Influence Moulin, a French word for “mill”, are vertical rivers that serve as a glacier’s internal plumbing system. They carry water out of the glacier by meltwater streams and lakes formed on the surface of Meltwater moves over the surface of the ice, finding the pathway of least resistance. the ice. These shafts…

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Mysterious Matanuska Moss Balls

Glacier Education Glacier Information Matanuska Glacier Features

Glacial Feature of the Month: Glacier Moss Matanuska Mice Nobody really knows what they are in for when first coming to the Matanuska Glacier. Some expect an arctic wasteland of snow and wind while others expect arching ice caves reaching up to the parking lot. One thing that nobody expects to find are balls of…

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Meet Ice Climbing Guide Adam

Ice Climbing Guide Profile

Adam Adam is studying Environmental Science at the University of Vermont and desperately tries to hide the fact that he is from New Jersey. While not in class, he is outside climbing, hiking and leading trips or playing Bob Dylan songs on the guitar.

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Fourth of July in Glacier View

Matanuska Glacier 4th of July Matanuska Glacier Activities Matanuska Glacier Hike and Trek Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing

Fourth of July in Glacier View If you’re looking for something to do with the family on July 4th, then take a look at the Glacier View Fourth of July Car Launch. Located each year at Glacier View River Retreat just off Mile 99 of the West Glenn Highway. This is an eclectic event that…

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