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Alaska Teen Adventures

people walking sideways along white ice with crampons on

MICA Guides is partnering and supporting the Matanuska Outdoor Institute to offer adventures for teens this summer.

Students can learn skills in backcountry navigation, backpacking, outdoors survival and ice climbing in addition to basic camping and outdoors life.  In addition to the hard skills, our goal is to help these kids and young adults develop resilience and communication skills that they’ll use for a lifetime.

Making adventure accessible

We want our programs to be affordable for almost everyone.  Thanks to all those tourists that have made MICA Guides successful and some other generous donors we’ve kept the cost of our programs down.

Do you have a charitable giving account through your workplace? a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Matanuska Outdoor Institute is a 501(C)(3) .  Ask us about how to use your plan to help a teen benefit from our programs.

Learn more at Matanuska Outdoors