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On The Matanuska Glacier

Glacier Education

Winter Time on a Glacier

Alaska Ice Trekking Guide Alaska Winter Activities Experiences on the Matanuska Glacier Glacier Education

Life on a glacier is constantly changing, sometimes faster than others. During the summer you can see glacial changes happen in a matter of hours by means of meltwater and shifting. And in the winter the glacial world moves much slower and offers a different perspective of the ice. Summertime on a Glacier Meltwater carves…

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A MICA Guides Intern’s Experience

Alaska Backpacking Alaska Camping Glacier Education Matanuska Glacier Guide MICA Guides Internship

A MICA Guides Intern’s Experience On June 7, we approached the end of our orientation week as MICA Guides interns. Simultaneously, we were informed that the next three days would be spent backpacking in the Alaskan backcountry. I had been on a few backpacking trips with my family previously. Also, I have spent my whole…

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Glacial Moraine

Glacier Education Glacier Information Matanuska Glacier Features

The Matanuska Moraine Features of a Glacier Looking out on the Matanuska Glacier, you’ll see flowing fields of white ice, surrounded by what looks like mud and rock on both sides of that ice. In fact, those sections of rock are actually a part of the glacier as well, called the moraine. Underneath the rocks…

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