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MICA Guides

Matanuska Glacier Trekking, Ice Climbing, Helicopter Tours, and Zipline in Alaska

Since 1999

Fun for ages 8 to 80! We offer a wide range of tour options to fit your ideal Alaskan vacation. Offering glacier tours, helicopter adventures including glacier landings, ziplining and luxury camping, MICA Guides is the center for your Alaska Adventure.

We provide you with the necessary equipment you need to get the best Alaska glacier experience. Helmets and crampons are provided on all glacier tours, while harnesses and ice tools are supplied on each of our advanced trips.

Ice Fall Trek Hike on an Alaska Glacier

Our most popular tour. 

This trip is great for families that want to experience a glacier instead of just look at it from a boat or plane.

  • Small Group Size, no more than 8 participants
  • Hiking Access to Glacier
  • 3 Hours
  • Minimum Age 10 years (8 on Private Treks)
  • $115 + Glacier Access Fee = $150/person
Matanuska Glacier Overnight Adventure Glacier Glamping

Experience luxury camping on a glacier.

Fly to our remote glacier camp for this unforgettable experience. Cozy tents, great meals and exploring or climbing adventures.

  • Helicopter Access to Glacier
  • Overnight
  • Minimum Age 12 years
  • $500/person*
  • *Based on two person occupancy
Helicopter Explorer See the best of the Glacier

Fly into an Advanced Trek.

Take a helicopter to the “Backcountry” for an Advanced Trek using ropes to access the coolest features on the ice.

  • Helicopter Access to Glacier
  • 3 Hours
  • Minimum Age 12 years
  • $349/person

Explore an Alaskan Glacier!

Yes! We are booking Matanuska Glacier Tours for 2022. Our booking calendars are kept up to date, 24 hours a day, to make it easy for you to book your trip. Don’t see availability for the trip you want? Submit your information to our waiting list below.

We are offering Winter Glacier Tours with our partners, including Snowmobiling and Helicopter Tours

Leave the car behind and come explore the spectacular Matanuska Glacier with our professional guides. Whether it’s our signature Ice Fall Trek, the unique opportunity to soar above blue pools on a Helicopter Adventure, or reaching new heights while Ice Climbing, you’ll be in good hands with the best guided tours in Glacier View, Alaska.

Why go with MICA Guides?

Our guides are out on the glacier every day, often even on their days off! We know the best features of the Matanuska Glacier and how to get you there while managing the risks of hiking on a glacier. We offer small group sizes on our tours and narration of the Matanuska Glacier and the surrounding valleys.

With the wide range of glacier tours available, whether this is your first time walking on a glacier or 10th, we are confident our professional guides are the right choice for you.

We have offered guided adventures on the Matanuska Glacier since 1999!

Stay and Play

Over 1300 Five-Star Reviews on Tripadvisor!

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Everything a guided tour should be

"Our guide was amazing. He was very professional, skilled and personable. The glacier trek was beautiful and challenging but safe."

– Paul G., Tripadvisor
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Excellent Glacier Trek

"We did the full day Advanced Glacier Trek with Decker on the Matanuska Glacier. We were blessed with a beautiful day and an adventurous pair of co-trekkers. We pressed far on the ice after getting beyond the moraine at the face of the glacier. We found gorgeous glacial pools and canyons. It was stunning."

– Jason P., Tripadvisor
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Extreme Zip Adventure

"We had an awesome time ziplining G2! The guides were very entertaining as well as helpful in making this experience a lot of fun."

– Sandy R., Tripadvisor
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Great Glacier Walk

"We did about a four hour basic glacier walk, and the guide was great and the group was small. Would highly recommend."

– Jonathan S., Tripadvisor

On The Matanuska Glacier:

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Glacier View’s G2 View

This is a ride so fast that you’ll hardly have time to enjoy the thrilling views! Don’t worry – that’s why MICA Guides offers plenty of other trips onto the Glacier itself for a close up view! Glacier View Adventure’s G2 zipline is Alaska’s fastest zipline. The fastest recorded zip was 63mph! Many zipline tours…

Ice Screws 101

Ever wondered how Ice Screws work? If you have been on a Helicopter trip, Ice Climbing trek or Advanced Trek with MICA Guides you might have noticed that the guides carry around giant screws with a bolt on the end. These are ice screws and are used to create a V-thread in the ice which…