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On The Matanuska Glacier

Glacier Information

Alaska Teen Adventures

MICA Guides is partnering and supporting the Matanuska Outdoor Institute to offer adventures for teens this summer. Students can learn skills in backcountry navigation, backpacking, outdoors survival and ice climbing in addition to basic camping and outdoors life.  In addition to the hard skills, our goal is to help these kids and young adults develop…

A Lifeless Glacier?

Moss balls found on the Matanuska From the surface, glaciers can look like a lifeless, frozen land, but if you look at the glacier closely, you’ll be able to see that is far from the truth. The glacier itself is constantly moving and changing not unlike a river of ice filling in the valley, a…

Glacier Camping Journal Entries

The Glacier Diaries Flying over the Matanuska Glacier by helicopter to arrive at your private ice climbing base camp is quite the adventure. Now, add glamping and gourmet meals to the mix and you have yourself an overnight glacier camping experience. See what these guests had to say about their trip out to glacier camp….