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On The Matanuska Glacier

Glacier Information

Glacier Camping Journal Entries

The Glacier Diaries Flying over the Matanuska Glacier by helicopter to arrive at your private ice climbing base camp is quite the adventure. Now, add glamping and gourmet meals to the mix and you have yourself an overnight glacier camping experience. See what these guests had to say about their trip out to glacier camp….

Glacial Moraine

The Matanuska Moraine Features of a Glacier Looking out on the Matanuska Glacier, you’ll see flowing fields of white ice, surrounded by what looks like mud and rock on both sides of that ice. In fact, those sections of rock are actually a part of the glacier as well, called the moraine. Underneath the rocks…

Glacier Moulins

Moulins French Influence Moulin, a French word for “mill”, are vertical rivers that serve as a glacier’s internal plumbing system. They carry water out of the glacier by meltwater streams and lakes formed on the surface of Meltwater moves over the surface of the ice, finding the pathway of least resistance. the ice. These shafts…