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Glacier View’s G2 View

a path with trees on the side of a mountain road

This is a ride so fast that you’ll hardly have time to enjoy the thrilling views!

Don’t worry – that’s why MICA Guides offers plenty of other trips onto the Glacier itself for a close up view!

Glacier View Adventure’s G2 zipline is Alaska’s fastest zipline. The fastest recorded zip was 63mph!

Many zipline tours are advertised as ‘canopy tours’. Canopy tours can be fun, but they mostly go through the treetops and don’t have the opportunity to reach such high speeds. Not to mention, they don’t have the same stunning view as the G2 that starts on a 250ft foot cliff and propels you alongside a glacial river! Read more about how ziplines work here. 

Why is the G2 so special?

My favorite part of the G2 is that there are two lines side by side so you get to race with another person. This is great for anyone with a bit of a competitive edge. As a zip guide, it is so fun to watch people race down and try out different techniques to get the most speed. Yes, you heard right – there are ziplining techniques! Ask your guide about their favorite zip positions on your next zip and see if you can beat your friend on your next trip on the G2! Or better yet, can you beat our 63mph record?

The View

While the ride is fast and everything can seem like a blur when you’re zipping, the views while you wait are second to none. Looking east down the Mat-Su Valley at the Matanuska Glacier and Chugach Mountains feels like a window to the past. There is so much history in these mountains. Read about the Mat-Su Valley’s geology so you have a better idea of what you are looking at on your next G2 zip.