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Top 10 Things to do in Glacier View

Glacier View may be a small town along the Glenn Highway, but you’ll be surprised to see just how much this town has to offer. Check out the Top 10 activities and places to visit during your next trip. Be sure to read through because we have saved the best for last!!!

10: Howdy Hall and the Glacier View Car Launch

  • If you are in town around the Fourth of July and like crazy events with great views and large crowds there is no better place to be than the Glacier View Car Launch. There is no good way to describe this event, but the name gives a hint as to what to expect!

    a tree with a mountain in the background

    Car getting launched off the cliff at the 4th of July Car Launch

9: G2 Zipline –

  • Looking for a good view with a different kind of chaos – come check out Alaska’s fastest zipline which propels you off the very same cliff the cars launch off of, only at much faster speeds!

    a group of people riding skis on top of a mountain

    G2 zipline taking off over the same cliff as the Glacier View Car Launch

8: Glacier View State Recreation Area

  • This is a great spot to enjoy a picnic with stunning views of the Matanuska Glacier and enjoy the natural beauty.

    an animal eating grass

    The State Recreation Area is a great spot to see some Alaskan wildlife!

7: MICA Mocha –

  • Whether you’re passing through town, getting ready for a glacier trek, or just returning from a glacier trek, MICA Mocha is a great stop for a pick-me-up for the whole family. This tiny cafe run out of an old ice truck has quite the history!

    a house with trees in the background

    MICA Mocha ice truck turned coffee stop

6: Lions Head Trail

  • Lions Head is a short but steep hike up to a stunning lookout point with views of the Matanuska Glacier, the valley, and the surrounding mountain ranges. This is not for the faint of heart, but if your crew enjoy a bit of a challenge (and don’t mind getting muddy) this hike offers some great views.

    a body of water with a mountain in the background

    Lion’s Head with the Matanuska River and Glacier in the background

5: Nova River Rafting

  • Nova Guides offers a variety of river rafting trips in the Matanuska Valley. These are fun for the whole family if you aren’t turned off by some rapids and cold water!

4: Ice Fall Trek

  • This is MICA’s most popular trek with fun for the whole family! You can take a public or private trek with an experienced and knowledgable guide and learn about the history of the Matanuska Glacier while walking on the ice.

    Trekkers at the Ice Fall

3: Alpenglow Luxury Camping 

  • Glacier View’s luxurious camping experience comes with stunning views of the Matanuska Valley and Glacier with the comforts of warm beds, fluffy comforters, and a hot tub! The perfect place to stay after a day on the ice.

    View from Alpenglow tent

    The view from your Alpenglow tent!

2: Sheep Mountain Restaurant and Lodge

  • Glacier View’s most delicious attraction! It’s hard to say what is better: the view from the restaurant or the food and beer! Regardless, the combination of the two is surely one of the best dining experiences. With ingredients coming from local vendors and home cooked meals straight from their kitchen this is one stop you don’t want to miss. PS: try to cinnamon bun!

    a plate of food

    Grilled Pork Loin with maple glaze, apple chutney, garlic mashed
    potatoes, seasonal vegetables!

1: Glacier Overnight Adventure + Ultimate Helicopter Experience 

  • Looking for the Ultimate day in Glacier View? Spend the day on a private trek on the Matanuska Glacier via  helicopter ride and spend the day exploring or learning to ice climb and then end up at MICA’s remote glacier camp where you’ll get hot drinks, dinner, cocktails, and breakfast the next morning after crashing in a luxurious tent on the glacier itself.

    a group of people standing on top of a snow covered mountain

    Glacier Camp