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Private Helicopter Explorer

An Exclusive Experience

The Private Helicopter Explorer tour allows you to fly to the most spectacular areas of the glacier to explore, take photos or even get married!

Tour guests can expect to spend 2-3  hours on the white ice and one of our highly trained guides will help you experience the most the glacier has to offer or help you have a special experience in an amazing place!

Private Heli Exploration

The Private Heli Explorer includes direct flights to and from one of the most spectacular locations on the Matanuska Glacier. We typically use an R44 Helicopter which seats 3 Passengers. Your group may need multiple flights to get to the glacier with each flight being approximately 7 minutes.

Rates depend on the number of people in your group:

1 to 4 passengers: $1400/group

5 passengers: $1900/group

6 to 8 passengers: $2900/group

  • Minimum age 8 years old.
  • Maximum weight per passenger is 300 lbs
  • Each passenger over 245 lbs will be an additional $100

This package includes only cargo that can fit in the small space under each seat. Normally this would be a small day pack per person.

If you would like to include props for a photo shoot, extra gear, flowers or anything that does not fit under the seats you can book an extra flight exclusively for cargo for $350.


The Private Heli Explorer fits into the same time slots as our other Heli Explorers with morning and afternoon departures. Timing may vary slightly day to day but typical check in times are 9:15AM or 12:45PM.  Elopements are only possible in the afternoon time slots.


Reservations require a non-refundable deposit of 10%. Full and final payment will be due 30 days in advance of your trip.

What about the weather?

Although we generally have great weather here in Glacier View, this trip may be cancelled due to weather conditions. Your safety is our top priority! Should we cancel your trip, you will get a full refund. Our Cancellation Policy for all other cases will apply and you can read more about that [here].

“Glacier Glamping” Overnight Option

For a unique and amazing experience, add our Glacier Overnight Adventure. After your afternoon Private Heli Explorer, head over to our Luxury Camp on the glacier. Private Heli Explorer guests can save $100 per person when adding the Glacier Overnight adventure. Our camp can accommodate up to 6 guests.

Why explore the Matanuska Glacier with us? Our Guides are out on the glacier every day, often on their days off! We know the best features and how to get you there while managing the risks of hiking on a glacier.

Guided adventures on the Matanuska Glacier since 1999. Go with the Pros!

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