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Ice Climbing Photos

Photographer on rope above ice climber

How often are you going to climb on a glacier?  

Take home a fantastic memory that will last you a lifetime! These breathtaking photos will always remind you of your once-in-a-lifetime experience and they are sure to produce the greatest of envy or terror in all your friends and family! We provide high quality digital images of your climbs so you have the ultimate Alaskan souvenir photos:

$29.99* Single digital file

$159.99 for 10 files

$279.99 for all photos of your group – maximum four people. (For more than four, we can set up a custom group rate.)

*Minimum $159.99 photo purchase may be asked for to accompany the group on the glacier. (If this is not mentioned before your trip and there is a photographer on the glacier, this does not apply to you and the options are all open!)

Often there are multiple climbing groups in many different places around the glacier. We do our best to coordinate times to allow David to photograph at least one climb (more if time and distance allow) of everyone in your group, and strive to capture all the smiles and face-pulling you can handle! Even one climb is usually enough to provide many different angles, backgrounds, and perspectives to choose from for your perfect shot! However, if you would rather have the photographer all to yourself for the day, simply email us ahead of time to ask about private photo pricing.

Capture the rest of your Alaskan adventures!

If you interested in bringing along a professional photographer to document your family on your other Alaskan adventures, email for custom trips around the state.

Kayaker in Prince William Sound

Capture the thrill of your ice climbing adventure with professional photos!


David, our professional photographer, is out on the ice nearly every day photographing guests on our Ice Climbing trips. He has the experience, the climbing ability, and the gear to capture the angle you and your friends won’t be able to. He can often be seen hanging sideways or upside down, moving up and down ropes throughout the day to ensure you have the highest quality photos possible!

Smiling ice climber on Matanuska Glacier

About the Photographer

David Crane is a well practiced outdoor and adventure photographer from Utah with several years experience participating in and photographing ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing and mountaineering. Experienced in technical rope rigging and anchor systems, David is willing and able to go where few others can to get the shot! You can see more of his work and read the stories of his glacial adventures online at

Davids Self Portrait in an Ice Tunnel on the Matanuska Glacier