Capture the thrill with professional photos


David, Our professional photographer, is out on the ice nearly every day photographing guests on our Ice Climbing trips.

He has the experience, the climbing ability, and the gear to get the photos that you won’t be able to get.

How often are you going to climb on a glacier?  





At the end of the day you can view and purchase your photos on the big screen back at our office.

Already booked?  Ask your guide about having David along on your trip.

More on Ice Climbing

Photography Packages

$29.99 Single image file provided via email

$159.99 for 10 files on a souvenir USB drive.

$279.99 for all photos from the group on a souvenir USB drive.

Other activities

If you’re not going ice climbing but are still interested in bringing along a photographer to document your Alaskan adventure email us for more information on booking.

Learn the ropes

David has 5 years experience instructing photography and teaching Canon and Nikon systems.  If you are interested in learning more about photography in the most amazing setting possible, contact us about booking a photography clinic on the glacier.

About the Photographer

David Crane is a professional photographer from Utah with several years practice climbing and photographing many adventure sports including mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing and ice climbing.

Experienced in technical rope rigging and anchor systems, David is willing and able to go where few others can to get the shot.