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Private Trek

Explore the Matanuska Glacier

Our signature Ice Fall Trek exclusively for your group. Perfect for those who want to go at their own pace, families with mixed generations or with children as young as 6!

No experience needed.

Our top priorities are protecting the well-being of our guests and providing the best possible experience on the glacier.  

With a Private Trek, we can better manage the needs of your group.   This may include the adjustments necessary with having a 6 year old on the trip without negatively affecting the experience of other guests.

  • To better accomplish our priorities, we have a strict guest to guide ratio of 6 to 1.    A private trek for up to 6 guests is $499. (This rate is the same as a party of 6 with a group discount).
  • If you have more than 6 guests you will need two or more guides and will need to book multiple private treks at $499 each.  For example, if you book two private treks you may have up to 12 guests.
  • The Glacier Park access fee is separate and collected on the day of your reservation. The current rate is $35 per person, but is subject to change and out of our control. You only pay for the amount of people in your party.
  • Private Treks will usually start at our regular trip times of 9:30, 11:30, 2:00 or 4:00.  They may be shorter than the normal 3 hours if desired, but there is no cost difference.

No experience needed. Minimum age: 6 years.

*Our Private Trek fee does not include the Glacier Park Access Fee, which must be paid upon Check In at the MICA Base. The current fee is $35 per person but is subject to change; we have no control over this access fee.*

Why explore the Matanuska Glacier with us?  Our Guides are out on the glacier every day, often on their days off!  We know the best features and how to get you there while managing the risks of hiking on a glacier.

Guided adventures on the Matanuska Glacier since 1999.  Go with the Pros!

Looking for more?  Check out our Advanced Trek.  

Need Transportation to the Matanuska Glacier? We recommend Planet Earth Adventures for a great package deal. (There is no public transportation to the glacier.)

$499 for group of 6

Larger groups are possible.  

Minimum age 6 Years

Click a date above for availability. 

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