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Advanced Trek

Take your Matanuska Glacier Experience to the Next Level.

This trip is appropriate for adventurous travelers seeking a full day of glacial exploration.  Our experienced guides will take you to a remote area of the glacier and use a rope and anchor systems to safely access some of the most spectacular features of the Matanuska including moulins, crevasses, and blue pools.

Guests on this trip can expect 3-4 hours of white ice glacial exploration. Your time on the ice includes a mixture of hiking to scenic vistas and using ropes to scramble up non-vertical walls and walk to the edge of large crevasses and moulins. Please keep in mind these activities involve height exposure.

This trip is best suited for those looking for a demanding yet rewarding glacier experience. It requires a 2 mile hike through the uneven glacial moraine.

Not up for the hike?  You can still enjoy the unmatched beauty of the remote areas of the glacier and the adventure of the Advanced Trek with the Helicopter Explorer.  All the adventure without the long hike.  Just $65 more.  Book Your Heli Adventure.

No experience needed for this trip but you should be able to walk at a brisk pace and be comfortable scrambling over uneven terrain.

This trip does not include vertical ice climbing though you may occasionally scramble up short ice walls. Great photo opportunities and a chance to do a little more without committing to an entire day of ice climbing. Smaller groups [1:4] and a faster pace than our Ice Fall Trek. Total time on ice varies by group, typically back by 5pm.

Note: All trip times are approximate and include travel to and from the glacier

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