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On The Matanuska Glacier

Alaska Ice Trekking Guide

Winter Time on a Glacier

Alaska Ice Trekking Guide Alaska Winter Activities Experiences on the Matanuska Glacier Glacier Education

Life on a glacier is constantly changing, sometimes faster than others. During the summer you can see glacial changes happen in a matter of hours by means of meltwater and shifting. And in the winter the glacial world moves much slower and offers a different perspective of the ice. Summertime on a Glacier Meltwater carves…

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Anchorage Ice Climbing Road Trip

Alaska Ice Trekking Guide Glacier Information Ice Climbing Information Matanuska Glacier Guide Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing

Anchorage is a hub for adventure. This city is a place to touch down and gain access to a variety of recreation and exploration. Almost every road and dirt path way is lined with a few gems to add to any experience. An Anchorage ice climbing road trip is no different. This quick journey from…

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Meet Ice Climbing Guide Brett

Alaska Ice Trekking Guide Ice Climbing Guide Profile Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing MICA Guides Profiles

With infectious energy and a quick witted sense of humor, Brett never struggles to find adventure. Whether it be ice climbing, skiing, or multi-pitch rock climbing, he is always searching for creative and courageous routes through the mountains. Born in the flat corn fields of Central Illinois, his excitement for traveling to new places eventually…

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