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On The Matanuska Glacier

Ice Climbing Information

Dude Perfect tries Ice Climbing

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YouTube team Dude Perfect came out to try out Ice Climbing and our Overnight Glacier Adventure We were excited all summer for the Dude Perfect crew to come out and test the ropes on Matanuska Glacier.  Their team was first dropped off by Helicopter, flown by Mark at Sheep Mountain Lodge, and received by Brett…

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An Off-Day Matanuska Glacier Adventure

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Descending into a Matanuska Glacier Adventure There was one day this summer, on a Matanuska Glacier adventure, where I was more scared than I think I’ve ever been outdoors. Additionally, that day showed me what incredible things you can do with the right training and equipment. Quinn, a fellow intern, Adam, a second year ice…

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Anchorage Ice Climbing Road Trip

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Anchorage is a hub for adventure. This city is a place to touch down and gain access to a variety of recreation and exploration. Almost every road and dirt path way is lined with a few gems to add to any experience. An Anchorage ice climbing road trip is no different. This quick journey from…

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