On The Matanuska Glacier

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Meet MICA Guides Photographer David

Alaska Photographer Profile Matanuska Glacier Guide

Hailing from Salt Lake City with the Wasatch in his backyard, it’s no surprise that David fell in love with mountains and all the wild places Utah has to offer. After picking up a camera for a photography class, his path in life was changed and he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in photography. After…

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Meet Alaska Adventure Expert Becca

Alaska Backpacking Guide Profile Ice Climbing Guide Profile Sea Kayaking Guide Profile

From ice climbing to sea kayaking to backpacking, Becca can guide anything – and cook you the best meal you might have ever eaten afterwards. Becca comes to us from the state of New York. She has since turned her east coast climbing and outdoorsy expertise to Alaska where she joins us for her fourth…

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Meet Ice Climbing Guide Brett

Alaska Ice Trekking Guide Ice Climbing Guide Profile Matanuska Glacier Ice Climbing MICA Guides Profiles

With infectious energy and a quick witted sense of humor, Brett never struggles to find adventure. Whether it be ice climbing, skiing, or multi-pitch rock climbing, he is always searching for creative and courageous routes through the mountains. Born in the flat corn fields of Central Illinois, his excitement for traveling to new places eventually…

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