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How to Apply

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1. How to apply

First of all, you should have read all the information available on this site and be familiar with the requirements for the various positions.

The only way to apply for any position is by completing the form online at the link below.  We’re friendly people but we also have to handle a lot of applications and inquiries.  Quite frankly we’d rather be doing something fun outside than sitting in front of a computer so follow the instructions.

If you meet the requirements, you may apply for multiple positions.  Feel free to address your preferences in the cover letter.

Get in touch with questions (email is best), but unless you have a specific question, we’re going to refer you to the web pages here.

You can save yourself, and us, some time if you ask yourself the following before applying:

Do you have the qualifications for the job?  What we’re looking for is quite clear on the website. (Pro tip:  If you apply for positions for which you have no qualifications you just look like you didn’t read the details, you can’t follow instructions, or you completely lack humility).  

Do you want the job?  Is this something you really want to do?  It’s not for everyone.

Can you take the job if offered?  How will you get to Alaska?  Can you meet the dates that the job requires?


2. The Application Process

Before starting the application process, you should have the following ready to upload:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume’
  • A photo or two to help us get to know you (at least one of these photos should be a “head shot” showing your face.)

Your resume’ should be comprehensive, not just your climbing or outdoors resume.  We want to know about your jobs, education, activities…the whole package!

3. Next Steps:

We review applications starting in December and sometimes through as last as mid March.  If we think there’s some potential for a good match we’ll send you much more detailed information about the jobs and the culture. If you then think it’s a good match then proceed with the next phase of the application process by supplying references and answering some other questions for us (usually in essay form).

For applicants making it to the next stage, we’ll start checking your references. It is very important that you have good contact details for your references and that they reply promptly.
The next stage is a remote video interview.

 4. How we decide

We’re not just filling positions, we’re putting together a team and inviting people into our community. We have more qualified applicants than positions so we also look at other attributes that people will bring to the mix to make an interesting and dynamic crew.

I really believe that the employees come first.  If you care about them, they’ll do a good job.  The customers will be happy and the company will succeed. 

— Don Wray, Owner.