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We’ve come a long way since our start in 1999.

Each year, our crew has grown and we’ve expanded our operation. But our goal to be the best in the business remains our priority.

Our success over these years is due to the hard work and professionalism of our crew.

It’s not easy to get a job with us because many of our employees come back year after year. But if you’re looking for a challenging summer in Alaska and have what we’re looking for then we would like to hear from you.

  • Chevron down Owners, Managers & Senior Staff
  • Don Wray owns MICA Guides and Exposure Alaska and is part owner of Glacier View Adventures. He is very involved in all aspects of the companies, from the big vision to many of the smallest details and crappiest jobs.

    Managers have worked their way up, often starting as an Intern.  They work closely with Don to lead the crew and sweat the details.

    Senior Staff are returning members of the crew and all have areas of responsibility in addition to their usual job.

  • Chevron down The Logistics Team
  • The “LT” are a small team who work closely with Don and the Managers to run the whole operation. For our Guests, the LT is often their first impression, they’re the “face” of the company.

    They handle guest check-ins, MICA reservations, guide the zipline, answer the phone, check emails, man the espresso truck and help with construction projects along the way. It’s a challenging and diverse job with a steep learning curve. Most members of the LT start as Interns.


  • Chevron down Professional Guides
  • Experienced outdoor leaders with a variety of skills and training. Many of our Guides do several jobs. For example an Exposure Guide would also be a Glacier Guide. See specific details and requirements for each position below. Many of our professional guides started as Interns.

    If you do not meet the requirements below, consider applying as an Intern.

  • Chevron down Glacier Guides
  • Experienced, professional Alpine Guides who work primarily at the glacier instructing ice climbing, leading treks and training our Apprentice Guides.


    • Professional experience instructing climbing on rock or ice.

    • At least 3 years experience climbing ice. Rock experience also helpful.

    • A minimum first-aid certification of Wilderness First Responder.

    Read This:

    If you do not have ice climbing experience and professional experience in instructing on ice or rock, you will not be considered for a Glacier Guide position.

  • Chevron down Exposure Guides
  • These Guides can take a family ice climbing, lead a kayak expedition or fly into the middle of nowhere for a hard-core backcountry trip.


    •At least 3 years experience leading backcountry trips with at least 1 season relevant experience in Alaska.

    • Sea kayaking plus a wide range of other outdoor skills and experience; climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, rafting etc. Excellent cooking skills!

    • A minimum first-aid certification of Wilderness First Responder.

    • Valid US Driving License.

    Read This:

    If you have not been in the Alaska backcountry, or you have never worked as a professional guide, you will not be considered for an Exposure Guide position.

    Consider applying as an Intern or Assistant Guide.

  • Chevron down Assistant Guides
  • An Assistant Guide is being developed into an Exposure Guide. Qualified applicants must have previous professional guiding experience, but may not meet all of the many requirements for an Exposure Guide position.

    The Assistant Guide will be on an express track to lead glacier treks for MICA, and learn Exposure systems.  Once this initial training is accomplished, the Assitant Guide will support Exposure trips, help train Interns, and work as an Assistant on multi-day tours, aspiring to lead their own Exposure trips in the future.


    •Prior professional guiding experience.  This does not include leading school or club trips.

    • A wide range of outdoor skills and experience; climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, rafting etc.

    • A minimum first-aid certification of Wilderness First Responder.

    • Valid US Driving License and clean record.

    Read This:

    If you have not  worked as a professional guide, you will not be considered for an Assistant Guide position.  Consider applying as an Apprentice Guide Intern. 

  • Chevron down Internship (Apprentice Guide / Logistics Team)
  • Our Internships are training positions and we take that training very seriously.  Interns are either Apprentice Guides (AG) or Logistics Team (LT):

    AGs have the opportunity to take their existing skills in climbing, paddling and backcountry travel and learn how to use these skills to help others enjoy the outdoors. The position is geared towards aspiring guides and outdoor educators.

    LTs have the opportunity to learn a lot about how a small business operates and what it takes to be a successful company, while enjoying an outdoor adventure lifestyle in Alaska. LT Interns may be working inside or outside and get a taste of all three of the companies.

Have some experience but need more? Do you lead trips for your college outdoors program?  Do you work at the climbing wall?  Have you taken a lot of cool skills courses?  You might make a great Intern.


Compensation. Our professional guides are paid fairly and do pretty well with tips. Many of our crew, including Interns, live entirely off of their tips for the summer. End of season bonuses for first year staff are based on job performance. Senior Staff (third year and up) receive a bonus amount tied directly to the gross revenues of the company, a type of profit sharing.

Compensation is a personal and individual subject and rates are not published or discussed prior to a job offer.

If you’re considering working with us just for the money, you’re looking at the wrong company. And the wrong industry.

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