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We Grow Our Own!

An internship is a great opportunity to get on board with us. Since many of our crew return year after year, there are often few openings for people to enter in a professional position but many good Interns are invited back in professional positions after their first season.

We’re committed to providing the opportunity for a fun, educational and rewarding opportunity for our Interns. In return for a lot of hard work, Interns get a stipend to help cover living expenses, extensive training in their job, a bonus to offset travel expenses and also get tips.


Joe started as an Intern and went on to become an ice climbing guide, sea kayaking guide, and our Senior Exposure Guide.  Not bad for a kid from Kansas. 

Chris started as an Intern and worked his way up to Senior Glacier Guide by his fourth season. 

Two types of Interns

These are training positions and we take that training very seriously.  Interns are either Apprentice Guides (AG) or Logistics Team (LT).

Apprentice Guide Interns

AGs have the opportunity to take their existing skills in climbing, paddling and backcountry travel and learn how to use these skills to help others enjoy the outdoors. The position is geared towards aspiring guides and outdoor educators.

Competitive applicants have a minimum medical training of Wilderness First Responder,  other relevant certifications, a good driving record, and a strong foundation of outdoor skills.

Once trained and “checked out”, Apprentice Guides lead their own glacier hikes with clients. An AG will get a lot of experience in working with and leading groups of all types on the Matanuska Glacier.

AGs also have the opportunity to join on an Exposure trip either sea kayaking, hiking and general backcountry travel.

AGs lead treks.  Lots of treks.  AG Interns also learn to belay, build anchors, teach climbing skills and operate the zipline. 

Logistics Team Interns

LTs have the opportunity to learn a lot about how a small business operates and what it takes to be a successful company, while enjoying an outdoor adventure lifestyle in Alaska. LT Interns may be working inside or outside and get a taste of all three of the companies.

The LT needs to have a great customer service attitude, admin experience, a good driving record, and a solid foundation of computer skills.

These Interns get some basic glacier training, but also learn our reservations system, operate our zipline, make great coffee, sell tours and much much more.

LT Interns will also get the opportunity for a sea kayaking trip in Prince William Sound.

Guiding the zipline is one of the many jobs of the LT, spending a few days a week there.

  • Chevron down Compensation
  • Apprentice Guide Interns:
    Monthly stipend of $500. End of season bonus based on length of season and performance. Tips, while not guaranteed, are often sufficient to cover living expenses during the summer.

    Logistics Team Interns:
    Monthly stipend of $500 until fully trained up and checked off to perform all aspects of the LT position; at that point this will become a paid job with an end of season bonus.

    Why the difference? LT Interns often work longer hours and once trained up have a more complex job with less supervision.

    Bonuses are only paid upon successful completion of the season to the agreed upon end date. (Usually the date specified in the job application).


  • Chevron down Employment Dates
  • Our LT Interns start the last days of May, while the AG Interns start a few days later. Specific dates vary from year to year. Interns must be able to stay until approximately mid-August at the earliest.  Some may leave at that time for school but we need most to stay until mid-September.

    Sorry, but there is no flexibility in these requirements.

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