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Working With Us

We’re not for everyone.

But if you enjoy fresh mountain air, stunning views, good beer, strong coffee, great people, a fun environment and hard work we might be for you.

We’re not for everyone, but many come back year after year. While working with us, quite a few people have found partners to go on to other adventures. A lot of relationships, several marriages and a few children have come out of our little community. (no promises!)

You should know that almost everyone on the team does almost everything. Everyone takes care of the vans, no one is too good to clean the bathrooms, all of the buildings on site have been built by the crew when they weren’t doing their “regular” job. So if you’re the type of person that would say “That’s not my job” then look elsewhere for something to do this summer.

Also, all jobs are full time. The length of the season may vary, but while you’re on, you’re living and breathing the job and the lifestyle with the rest of the crew.

The video does a great job of capturing a little of what it’s like.

Summer in Alaska means working and playing hard.
Within a fifteen mile radius, you can explore a glacier, ice climb, rock climb, whitewater kayak, climb mountains, hike and bike….after a full day of work that is. Our staff average one day a week off and typically work from late May through early September.

But “work” means trekking and climbing on the glacier, kayaking in Prince William Sound, hiking in the mountains or riding the fastest zipline around. (As well as buying and packing food, taking care of gear, cleaning the van…the list is long!)

Most Guides live in their own tent set up at our Glacier Base Camp. Our camp features wireless internet, bouldering wall, and communal kitchen. Showers are available at nearby lodges.


Expenses while working with us include your food and beer, transportation to Anchorage to start your job, showers & laundry, transportation to town about once a week or so.

Many can’t resist the urge to buy some gear and we get some good deals. There is no charge for living and camping at our Base Camp.

Still Interested?

The next step is applying.  The only way to do that is by following the instructions at the link below.

Slackers need not apply. They probably will not do the work to get through the application process, will definitely not enjoy the challenge and intensity of the first week of training, will have a hard time meeting our high standards of professionalism and will likely not have a good time for the summer.

How to Apply