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Glacier Camping Journal Entries

Glacier Cave on Matanuska Glacier

The Glacier Diaries

Flying over the Matanuska Glacier by helicopter to arrive at your private ice climbing base camp is quite the adventure. Now, add glamping and gourmet meals to the mix and you have yourself an overnight glacier camping experience. See what these guests had to say about their trip out to glacier camp.


“With gratitude, we are far more interesting now that we have ice climbed and slept on a glacier than we were yesterday. This is definitely “The Last Frontier”, but we would not have been able to experience it correctly without Lindsay! I was a little apprehensive bringing two teenagers here, but because of the attention to detail that Lindsay continued to have throughout the trip, they had the best time ever!

The hospitality, the food, the fire, all of it was greatly appreciated. But surprisingly the best thing about this trip was my girls seeing Lindsay, who is a role model for all women, be smart and mindful by running a glacier camp ALL by herself. Thank you Lindsay for everything, we will never forget you.

P.S. We hope you have expanded your glacier music taste.”


“Location: On Matanuska Glacier

It was a wonderful experience, from the helicopter, to the climbing, to camping in this beautiful location. Julian was an incredible camp host, went above and beyond to take care of us. We would love to come back again, but until then, fully living in the present and having a lot of fun at the camp. Adam was an awesome climbing instructor and made us all look like pros. Until next time. Namaste.”

Unknown Date

“Love love love this experience. Brett and Lindsay are outstanding guides and managers at camp. The whole experience was exhilarating, beyond our wildest dreams.

We pushed ourselves to a limit we have only dreamed of – Up the hill, down the slope, and across the Moulin of Death! Screams of joy, shouts of accomplishments, we did it Hell Yah! Then the reward of sleeping in the glamour tent, so nice and warm! The whole trip from the heli, from in to out, is a thrill of a lifetime and we ate like royalty!”